Recycle floppy disks?
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Is there any way to recycle floppies?
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Here is the first hit from a Google search for "recycle floppy disks", which lets you search for places that will recycle floppy disks in your (North American) area.
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I just read of a site today from Tim Wang's Geek Blog : --
"Welcome to This site is an online inventory of parts for you to exchange with people in your own home town or around the world."
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Oh, and if you want to reuse instead of recycling, a bit of felt on the back and you've got a seriously geeky coaster.
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I once made a necklace out of the circular metal parts. But I'm a big big geek.
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I see that I should have added details.

My IT group is moving and disposing of a lot of floppies. We have no budget for shipping. There are way more floppies than we can ever get rid of by giving to students here at the University. In fact, the University bookstore just gave away a number of cases of new floppies.

I don't see floppies listed on DIYParts. We have hundreds of them. The plastic is not marked, so it's not clear if my municipal recycler will take them. I've never seen any valid way to recycle floppies No one wants them. so sad
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Sorry 'bout that - I should have checked - shows how dated they are becoming.
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Are we talking the 3.5"s or the 5.25"s? Because the 3.5s can still be donated a lot of places (at which point your business will get a tax credit), but the actual floppy floppies are artifacts of a long dead age. Your best bet is to turn them into CD sleeves.
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And if you're talking DD 5.25" disks, the retro computing scene would like them. Try, or ebay.
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