Give me a followup to Rome
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Looking for follow-up TV series and movies to Rome.

Rome, Egypt, Greece: Give me great movies and TV set in ancient times, especially those with the fabulous Cleopatra.
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Assume you mean HBO's Rome. BBC's I, Claudius follows Rome chronologically, so I'd recommend watching that next (or better yet, read the Robert Graves book, then watch the BBC series).
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Fellini Satyricon. The book is good too.

(I'd forgotten/not associated that I'd read the book in school, which made for some really really spooky déjà vu during the film until that memory clicked.)
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yes, I was going to suggest I, Claudius as well. It takes time getting used to after Rome (I, Claudius was shot in the 70's) but it is definitely worth giving a shot. I actually watched I, Claudius right after I finished Rome.
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I highly recommend Steven's Roma Sub Rosa series of novels. They're historical fiction and seem very genuine in the same way Rome does w/r/t how it felt to live there/then.
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Can't think of too many books or movies that are decent, aside from Gladiator. I can recommend a book series highly - it is a variation of Greece - try Megan Whalen Turner's Thief series (don't be put off by the fact that it is classified as YA, or that the first book starts a bit slowly).
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I thought I was ridiculously qualified to answer this, having misread it as "shows that have moved to Rome" and recalled that Inspector Rex, a German show, had made the jump to Rome. sorry, no other thoughts.
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The original question was for TV series and movies, but since others have started recommending books, I'll go down that route, too, and recommend very strongly Robert Harris's Pompeii, Imperium and Lustrum - he brings it convincingly alive and hasn't let his impressive background research get in the way of a good story. In fact, reading them is almost as visual an experience as watching a movie!
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I, Claudius is a fantastic book, but a bit unengaging as a TV series. Go for the book, or the extremely well produced audiobook, over the TV show if you can. I can confirm that it is a great follow-up to Rome; I decided to check it out after seeing Rome as well.
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Spartacus, Spartacus, a million times Spartacus.

I'd love to see an Atia (Rome) vs. Lucretia (Spartacus) meeting.

Seriously, get through the first few episodes and ignore the feeling that it's just dumb fun and gratuitous violence - there's some really nice storytelling, character development and plain good drama if you stick it out.

And yes, I'd also recommend the old BBC "I, Claudius".

But Spartacus is more rambunctious fun.

For movies, "Agora" was pretty good.

For camp British comedy, Up Pompeii and Carry On Cleo. Can't hand on heart recommend them, exactly, but you might find them diverting/amusing.
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