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The end of year party for my work has a masquerade theme. What sort of mask can I make that will work with glasses?

I'm blind without my specs, and contacts are unfortunately not an option. What sort of mask can I make that will allow me to wear my glasses? I have a sewing machine, hot glue gun and access to all sorts of interesting craft stuff. I'm pretty good with arts and crafts so assume a reasonable skill level.

The dress code is "cocktail formal" and it will be at the end of October and therefore pretty warm (I'm in Australia and Halloween isn't really huge here so my first thought of a giant pumpkin-head probably isn't the best). Help me win the prize for best mask!
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Well, if you mean wearing your glasses under a mask, I'd say something like Rosie, the Jetsons' maid (was that show popular in Oz?) - but any full masks would be kinda warm. Have you already tossed the idea of creating spectacular specs with your glue gun and going as Dame Edna?
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I love the idea of the facepaint mask. Have a look at this : clicky herey.
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Not as fancy as the above suggestions, but there is always the classic Groucho Marx nose/eyebrows/glasses type of thing. Along with a the cheap suit and you have the whole package.
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How about the Shadow?
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Henry Kissinger?
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To give you ideas, this etsy seller makes masks specifically for glasses wearers.
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Groucho Marx. Woody Allen. Benjamin Franklin. Got any Prominent Glasses-Wearing-Aussies? And I like the Dame Edna suggestion from likeso!
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how about a cutesie/hipster owl mask? lots of cartoon-y owls wear glasses anyway, so make yourself a feathery headband and then an owl beak. google image search in case you have no idea what i'm talking about
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I was going to try to explain how I have a varnished-leather mask (the kind one buys at art fests, ren faires, etc) that has eyeholes that happen to be shaped such that I can fit my smallest pair of glasses under/through, but Pallas Athena's link has pictures that are worth a thousand words. Mine is much more solid, but the folds of leather at the nose are such that the bridge of these small wire-frame glasses fits under, and the width of the eyeholes is such that the corners of the glasses frame poke out but the earpieces come back through the eyeholes. That only works with my wireframe glasses from 6 years ago that became backup glasses 3 years ago, but I knew there was a reason I was keeping them around.

If you wanted to use your fabric and glue to make a stiff mask base that you could decorate yourself, the key points would be:
- Make the eye areas extra-wide
- get to the stage where you're shaping the wet leather and put it on your face over/around the glasses, so it'll be guaranteed to fit.
- When you're shaping the nose, you'd want to use the technique where you bunch up the extra material into a fold or a series of wrinkles (like step 20) but do a couple of folds, such that the bridge of your glasses fits into the nook created there.

I did a fabric mask held stiff with glue and varnish, and used an aluminum foil mold of my face as the model. Especially handy if you have a spare pair of glasses that you can dedicate to the model while you're making the mask. Whether you just wanted to make a Mardi Gras mask and ignore the fact that your glasses are there, or theatically integrate them in some way (I like the owl idea) that becomes part of the art, the technical "make it fit" aspect should be very doable.
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I've done this:
(a) Buy or make a fabric mask. Don't stiffen it in any way, get a big ol' elastic to attach to hold it on over your glasses/head.
(b) Knit a mask (assuming you knit or know any knitters), they also go well over glasses for the same reason.
(c) Get ahold of that colorful foam stuff they sell at Michael's, poke holes for each glasses bar, wrestle them over your glasses. I've done this.
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