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I'm having trouble choosing among the myriad web-based calendar management programs. Which do you recommend?

Our needs are simple: we would like this package to allow several users in different locations to be able to view and modify dates and events on the calendar online. It would be cool if the calendar was password protected, searchable, inexpensive (or free), and easy to install and implement and maintain.

I would love to know which programs/utilities your group or company or community uses successfully.
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As previously mentioned here, I use PHPEventCalendar. It's a PHP/MySQL calendar that allows multiple password protected users, among other nifty features. Simple to install, too.
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I've recently started using Trumba. I give it a big thumbs up.
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OpenGroupware is pretty easy, but it may be more than you need.
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I set up WebCalendar for my church. I know it's free (open source). It is web-based. It is useable from any location that has web access. It is searchable. It is easy to install. I don't know if it can be password protected, but I would assume so. HTH.
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I've been thinking about this a lot lately. A search of calendar at the 43 Folders newsgroup is going to yield about every option going. I've looked at Yahoo's calendar (good if you use Yahoo! for everything else, but unwieldy), Plaxo's (syncs nicely with Outlook and good for contact management, but a little on the slow side). Ultimately I'd recommend checking out Backpack and Trumba, both of which have very nice lightweight interfaces. The former has more features, such as todo lists and really syncs to be a one-stop info management station (and does a pretty good job), but for me Trumba nails it, especially if, like me, you want to find the best individual app for specific tasks: it really as the nicest calendar around at the moment. Both it and backpack will do email and sms reminders, but Trumba will also sync with Outlook which can be very very handy if you happen to have Outlook at work.
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