Where do we go to 'get away from it all'?
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Perfect beach getaway for a couple in early October?

So, this couple hasn't ever taken a real vacation together - in 6 years! Halp!

We need:
- advice
- sunshine (as well as can be predicted)
- beach (fine sand a big plus), warmer waters also a plus
- reliable wifi
- not a cruise

We're considering:
- Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica (how bad will the wet season be in Oct. on the Caribbean side?)
- Nassau, Bahamas
- Kauai, Hawaii
- Miami Beach
- Grand Cayman

We'd rather not do Mexico as one of us isn't too comfortable there. What say you, metafilter? Can you recommend a spot that can't be beat for a couple in October? Price not a huge issue but we'd like to keep it to 1 or 2k per person for 5 to 7 days. We're leaving from NYC.

Thx in advance for your suggestions!

- xiaolongbao
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Isn't October hurricane season in the Caribbean?

It's supposed to be the best month for Hawaii, I recently researched that myself.
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Take a chance on hurricanes, and go to Key West. If you're not the gambling type, try romantic, historic St. Augustine, down to Daytona. Seriously, all the locals claim that the shallow waters off North Florida's First Coast protect it from major hurricane hits. I can't say, for sure, one way or another, but in the 20 years my folks lived here, and the five I've lived here since they passed, there haven't been any heavily hurtful blows. And, both Key West and St. Augustine are within your time frame/budget, with plenty to spare for excellent dining, lots of shopping, and nightlife.
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Forgot to mention Amelia Island, where you can blow your budget at the Ritz-Carlton, or rent a condo, or get a hotel, and play golf, or go deep sea fishing, or go to the Plantation, and later, journey up to St. Simons Island in Georgia, or even Savannah.
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Many Mediterranean countries fit your bill if you are willing to travel there. In early October the weather and sea are usually still warm, the crowds have thinned (but things are still happening) and prices are much more reasonable. I have had a great time on the Croatian and Greek islands at this time of year.
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Aruba is my go-to recommendation for what you've described. The only thing I'm not sure of is the wifi. And it's out of the hurricane belt.
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It really depends on your style... fancy, well developed, village, local culture, more rustic (but still with wifi, of course), night life, less night life, family-oriented or just couples, scuba, snorkle, rain forests, surf, no surf, windsurf, kyack.. and the list goes on.

I just returned from Belize, and I can't say enough fabulous things about it. A British commonwealth, pegged 1USD to 2 Belize, safe, still 'undiscovered' but with your modern amenities at the right resort. (and then even in Belize you have wide variations, such as between the main Cayes (Keys) versus soemthing like Dangriga / Hopkins Village (where we stayed) on the mainland.

St. Martin is fabulous (French side), and then for an all-inclusive without kids, the Excellence in Punta Cana in the Dominican was one of my wife's favorite trips. (though Belize is now her top top favorite).

October is towards the end of the rainy season in the Carribean, but usually one of the more wet periods, and some resorts are even closed during October prepping for the surge in November and December. you should get a pretty good deal anywhere, and it shouldn't be crowded most anywhere you choose.

In the Mediterranean, Majorca is a really nice island - the north and east have the wide sandy beaches and in the west you can find some nice private coves.

I always recommend finding something off the beaten path, but that's me.
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Thanks everyone for your input. We settled on Hawaii since it seems like it's in the right season. Great answers all around though, and we will be saving your thoughts for future trips :)
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