How long does fresh salsa keep
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Homemade salsa with vinegar in it - how long will it keep?

Tomatos, garlic, red pepper, red onion, cilantro, parsley, jalapeno, apple cider vinegar, tabasco. Refrigerated.

How long? It smells and tastes fine. I think it's probably 12 days old?
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It's probably fine. I have had homemade salsa that has kept for longer, though it doesn't taste as good after a week or so. Generally a couple of weeks is okay. Sounds like good salsa.
posted by Barry B. Palindromer at 5:37 PM on August 24, 2011

Is it fresh salsa, like pico de gallo, or cooked?

I've found that most raw tomato-based salsas taste fermented and even slightly carbonated when they start to go, but even then they're still safe to eat.
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Food processed. Not cooked. I ate a little last night. Feel fine.
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