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Is there a program that will let me keep a bunch of windows open but pushed out of sight, so I can work with a relatively blank taskbar but not have to re-open everything when I'm done working?

Basically I want to keep my Chrome tabs "alive" but out of sight and mildly inaccessible and have only the window I'm working on in view on the taskbar. I'm slightly computer-stupid so any fix that requires more than pressing OK a bunch of times to install is pretty much out.
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Response by poster: Also, I need flexibility for what I have up. Like, I need a Chrome window and possible Excel, Word, or whatever else I so choose.
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I think you want a virtual desktop.
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Here's a decent explanatory article.
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For multiple Chrome windows, the Tab Sugar extension does exactly this. It puts a button in your toolbar that, when clicked, can shrink all your active tabs into a little box on a virtual desktop within Chrome. You can manage multiple groups of these tabs, and when one is active, all the other ones are out of sight. This lets you maintain multiple windows-worth of tabs without having them clutter up your tab bar or start bar space.
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I use mDesktop on my home Windows computer and love it.
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I use VirtuaWin on my home Windows computer and love it. It seems to be similar to mDesktop mentioned by kprincehouse.
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On the Mac you could either download the free backdrop.app which is like a big pull-screen to cover everything up.

OR you can uses Spaces which is basically like switching desktops.

Come to think of it, I should take more advantage of Spaces.
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On preview, villanelles link represents the Spaces part of my answer. Also, Linux has had this for ever and ever.
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