Lego event for teen youth group?
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I'd like to create a fun, team-building event for my synagogue youth group (grades 8-12) revolving around the use of Legos. Any ideas on where to find pre-fab instructions (or a qualified, not-astronomically priced expert) for such an event? This idea was inspired by the Lego Serious Play site, but that seems way to business-speaky to be used out of the box. I'm thinking 90 minutes worth of building, with about 15 teens.
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Play Creationary. It's like pictionary with lego.
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When I read the book Lego: A Love Story, I was interested in the author's descriptions of activities that people did at conventions. Like building a small set without taking it out of the its plastic bag, or giving everyone identical small building sets but with no instructions to see what creative things they would come up with. I've thought that activities like that would be fun at a Lego-themed birthday party. The problem is that the cost of even small sets adds up. But I will toss this out there in case it sparks an idea for you.

Another place to look for ideas might be the Lego Quest Kids website. She is aiming activities at homeschoolers, but what she does is throw an idea out and invite kids to build whatever that idea inspires them to do. It's not quite what you're looking for in terms of instructions for a group activity, but again, ideas.
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