Help me find this horror manga
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In the early to mid-90s I got a volume of translated horror manga out of the Amherst College library, and I would love to find it again. Sketchy details inside.

-It was the work of one male author/artist.
-I think it was published by an academic or university press, rather than Viz, etc.
-I think it was older work, possibly from the 70s.
-It was an anthology of tales with linking material by a narrator (possibly meant to be the author) who was apparently insane. The last linking section featured the author/narrator going into a rage and destroying dummies that looked like his wife and children. I think there was something about him having been driven insane by their deaths.

Sorry there's not more to go on here!
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Okay, I have no idea what the answer is to this question, but I'm posting this link because I have a feeling that this person (people?) would know, and I bet if you sent them an email maybe you'd get closer. you have any idea what the setting was? Like, was it a contemporary 70s setting, or a historical setting?
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Pretty sure it was contemporary, at least for some of the tales, and for the links.
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I don't really know anything about manga but this site seems useful, especially the 'Hino Horror' pages, and might put you on the right track.
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When I worked at the ref desk of a large university library, I would have loved this question. have you tried contacting the Amherst library - their website lists subject librarians and you can even ask a reference question via chat!
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Thanks tumid dahlia, that was the lead I needed! I'm almost positve now that it was Panorama of Hell by Hideshi Hino!
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...and it does appear that Amherst College library owns a copy.

Of course, if it turns out that's not what you're after, another tack would be to search the library's online catalog.
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Thanks GPF, that definitely confirms it.
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Oh, it's the same guy who did Hell Baby! That was also a delightfully bizarre slice of surreal-horror-comedy, I recommend it.
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