Wasn't there a guy keeping track of predictions?
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I seem to recall a site run by some guy that noted pundits' and analysts' forecasts. If an analyst said Vista was going to flop, this was the type of site to record that. I think I saw this site mentioned a couple years ago on daring fireball, or perhaps waxy. It definitely had the "claim chowder" vibe.
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Best answer: Wrong tomorrow by Maciej Cegłowski? I subscribed to the feed but it hasn't been updated in a while.
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Noteable calls?
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Did it kind of have a database-y vibe to it in that it had lists of these predictions, when the prediction was expected to come true (or not come true), and tracked the status of each, maybe also by predictor? I kind of remember a way to view some predictions based on tags in the form of a spreadsheet or something. I don't know if this was the same site you're thinking of, but I was trying to find the site I'm describing a while back (maybe a couple years ago) but never found it. I thought I read about it on Daring Fireball. Neither of the links above are what I had seen.
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Response by poster: jroybal, yes it was database-like.

Someone has pointed me to Long Bets, which isn't it.
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Response by poster: That is to say, jroybal, I'm pretty sure we're talking about the same site.
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Best answer: Was it called "Wrong Tomorrow"? I searched for "predictions" limited to the DF domain and sifted through the results and was led to this post on Daring Fireball. I don't think the site is up anymore. You can go to the Wayback Machine's cache of the site; I'm 99% sure that's the one I had in mind. Looks like it didn't last very long--Gruber linked to it on 1 April 2009 and it looks like the last prediction that was tracked was later that year.
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WOW, I totally didn't read the first link here thoroughly. The name "Wrong Tomorrow" didn't ring a bell at all so I didn't pursue that, but seeing it in the Wayback Machine post did. Sorry bleary!
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Response by poster: It's Wrong Tomorrow. The blog post didn't look familiar, but the Wayback Machine jogged my memory. Thanks to you both!
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Sorry all, I posted to his blog post because the url was pulling up a 502 for me, and I didn't want to post to it.

I don't what happened to it. I decided to send him an email to see if he'll be doing anything more with it.
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