which spa room fixtures help a cold
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I'm feeling sick with a typical cold. Slight fever, sore throat, stuffed up nose. I have access to a private sauna, steam shower and hot tub. Given that I don't need to worry about exposing anyone else, would any of or combination of these help alleviate the symptoms?
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A sauna is said to help release toxins and relax you. At least in Finland, it would probably be most highly recommended though perhaps you should just rinse down with warm water instead of cold or soaking in the tub.
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A sauna would mostly nearly replicate the hair dryer cold cure.
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Best answer: If you've got congestion, steam of any kind will make you cough it up.

I think a sauna is probably not a good idea, though, if you're running a fever. You don't want to start sweating when you have a cold, I don't think. Drink plenty of fluids, so you don't dehydrate, whichever you do.
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Are you sure it's a good idea to go into a sauna or hot tub with a fever? Besides making you overheat, you will also get dehydrated (you'll sweat) and you need to stay hydrated if you want to beat this flu (with a fever it's more than just a cold).

I've gone to hot springs with a chest cold, and it has never ever helped.
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If it were me, i'd run the steam shower, but not stand in it, just so you can inhale the humidity, but only as a cure for congestion. If you're not congested, I don't think it would help very much.
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When my 2-month-old baby got a cold, the advice nurse told me to put him in the bathroom while I took a hot shower, so I'd say the steam shower would be a good thing for you too.
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I love a nice sauna when I have a cold.

If I don't have access to a sauna, I'll take a hot bath, or a shower.

I have no idea if it makes anything actually better, but I know it does so much for my mood.
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