Help me find a front pocket wallet?
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Can you help me find the perfect front pocket wallet?

I'm a fan of slim, front pocket wallets, and I need a new one. My previous wallet was a Dopp Regatta 88, which I really liked. The only problem with it was the plastic ID window that got all cruddy and delaminated from the leather. So, upon the advice of the Internet, I just got a Slimmy. I'm not really happy with the Slimmy, though. I've discovered that I really like having exterior credit card slots in my wallet (as the Dopp Regatta 88 had).

So my question for all you mefites out there is: Can you help me find a slim front pocket wallet like the Dopp Regatta 88, only without a plastic ID window?
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Best answer: You might check out Saddleback Leather. I have their small wallet; though there is a front window for the license, it has no plastic covering. My license has been plenty tough enough to survive without one after one year of use. The whole thing, with about 6 cards and a couple of bills, is slightly thicker than my phone, about as wide, and half an inch shorter. Good stuff.
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Agreeing that plastic windows should be banned from wallets altogether. That roundup posted by nobodyyouknow is terrific, but the one I would go with is missing: Cole-Haan slim wallet. Only thing holding me back is that my old Cole-Haan is still fine after 12 years.
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I like the Jimi Wallet. Doesn't have an external card holder but you can put a cc in the 'quick release' section of the interior of the wallet. Bonus: its water resistant.
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Response by poster: @deadweightloss The Saddleback Leather wallet looks promising. How thick is the leather, though? Is it regular wallet thickness, or is it thick like shoe leather. (The pictures make the leather look thick.)
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Burberry makes a credit card/ID holder that is perfect for your needs. Wait for a sale, they ALWAYS go on sale. Most finer handbag makers will have a full line of small men's accessories that you will be able to find a slim card holder. For something inexpensive, try Fossil (they go on sale all of the time too.) They make ones they call multicard cases or slim card cases.
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This may be a winner from Tumi.
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Been using a Levenger "Slim Wallet Writer" as my primary front-pocket wallet now for several years. No clear ID pocket. One side has room for blank business-card-sized cards for note taking, the other side has pocket for credit cards, inside pocket holds USD currency perfectly plus additional cards, whatever other scrips-scraps of paper you happen to have at any given time.
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The Saddleback wallet originally had leather so thick that it cracked all my cards right acrss the mag stripe. I complained, they altered their design, and so now I expect that you will have better luck than I did. Anyway, I got a Bill's Urban Wallet instead; I like the zippered pockets.
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I have one from Coach like this, and I like it a lot.
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I know you said you don't want one with a plastic section, but I've been using my mywalit for two years now and never had a problem with the plastic. And I promise you, I've abused the hell out of this wallet. It's been in a river in Austria, in a cooler with dry ice for two days, on equatorial beaches and in and out of over 150 airport screening tubs. All that being said - there is no place for bills. I just carry those in my pocket folded up next to the wallet.

The do offer a wallet without a plastic window but it's a slightly different form factor. And of course lots of other options.
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I use the Renna Dollar Wallet, but have been considering moving to one from Hollows Leather.
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I've had one of these for over 10 years. I think it will probably last forever. Lifetime warranty anyway.
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Best answer: The saddleback wallet is made up of two pieces of sturdy leather stitched together around three sides (leaving a slot between the pieces) and thinner pieces of leather stitched to each side, for two additional pockets on each side. The two main pieces are thick, perhaps like shoe leather, but the thick stuff only goes around the borders, they have thin cloth pieces in the middle where strength isn't needed. The thinner outside parts I could probably tear with bare hands with some effort. Even with 6 cards in it, I can easily bend the wallet into a smiley-face shape, if flexibility is your main concern.
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Response by poster: @deadweightloss Thanks. That's exactly what I was worried about. Ordered.
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On the cheaper end of things, I use one of these no-name money clips. It's not the most lovely thing, but the magnet holds my cash and I can get my cards just great. if I can restrain myself from putting all my cards in it, it's pretty thin.
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For something more casual, the Mighty Wallet has been my favorite for a while. The plainly-colored ones weather pretty nicely, especially compared to the cheap leather wallets that I used to replace every nine to twelve months. The external pockets are quite convenient for notes and business cards, and the whole package is only as bulky as what you carry inside.
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