Name this data management job!
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Need this quick: what is this technical / data management position called?

Trying to talk my way into a job that is very necessary in my organisation and doesn't exist.

-It is a managment level guy who is overseeing the collection of data in the field for a big project.
-He has an IT / DB worker under him actually creating / managing the database and creating reports as required, under his guidance.
-He is liasing with about 8 provincial project managers to help train them on how to get reports and use them effectively
-He is liasing with project managers, or maybe directly with the 80+ workers in the field, to make sure that data is being collected in a timely fashion, and reported correctly.
-He is advising the Executive Chairman / Big Boss on all of these issues, how to improve data colection, etc etc.

My imagination is telling me this is the "Data Management Officer".

It needs to sound better / more senior than "project manager". There is also a "Senior Director" in this project, the number 2 guy on the totem pole. I would want this job to sound like just below that #2 or even coequal with it.

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Data Process Architect?
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Best answer: We have someone at my job with a similar set of responsibilities. Based on her title, I'd recommend the term "Data Systems" start it out and it ending with "Coordinator" "Manager" or "Director." Maybe even "Director of Data Systems."
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Data Integrity Manager/coordinator/officer?
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Director of Intelligence!
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Best answer: Data Collection Program Manager. If you're overseeing project managers you're a program manager.
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Senior Analyst
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Research Lead

It has signficant meaning, especially in fieldwork like ethnography (commercially) and in academia.
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You could convert it into Director of Research and Data Management
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The function he's doing is called DMAC (data management and communications) in ecology/weather science (at least).

The leader of a DMAC group is usually something like "Director of Data Management and Communications" boringly enough, of DMAC lead, informally.
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Response by poster: Thank you all, very much. I bested the ones that I went with. This is more a businessy rather than academic culture infini, so useful for future reference but not this time.
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Manager/Director of Information Reporting/Analysis
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Data Steward
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Way back I had the title of Data Conversion Specialist for doing something similar.
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My mom works in a similar capacity and her area is called Data Governance, although her title is just one of the standard ones for her company.
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