What brand of sunglasses is this?
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Help me identify this pair of sunglasses?

Hi there, I would appreciate it if you could help me find out what brand of sunglasses the person in this picture is wearing. The picture is here . Thanks!
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They look super rayban to me.
posted by AlliKat75 at 2:00 AM on August 23, 2011

Response by poster: They look like Wayfarers to me, but I haven't come across that particular lens/frame combination. Any ideas?
posted by naskar at 3:29 AM on August 23, 2011

Your picture doesn't seem to be of Wayfarers since they appear not to have the "shark-fin" contouring of the temples. However, they look pretty close to RB4141/51.
posted by lizjohn at 4:00 AM on August 23, 2011

Actually, I think the more complete code of the glasses I linked to is RB4141-02. The same link applies, though.
posted by lizjohn at 4:05 AM on August 23, 2011

Those are upscale versions of Wayfarers, but not Raybans -- who's the celeb? You might be able to google your way to identifying them if you include his name and some characteristics (clear rim oversized wayfarers). There are lots of "celeb fashion ID" sites, including for sunglasses.
posted by thinkpiece at 4:17 AM on August 23, 2011

Response by poster: None of the results look like the one in the picture. I'm beginning to think they are not Raybans.
posted by naskar at 4:37 AM on August 23, 2011

If it helps, the photo is of Jensen Button, F1 driver.
posted by Ness at 4:45 AM on August 23, 2011

Oops sorry - Jenson Button
posted by Ness at 4:46 AM on August 23, 2011

Response by poster: Link to larger pictures
posted by naskar at 4:57 AM on August 23, 2011

I believe they are either Mosley Tribes or Paul Smith sunglasses.
posted by spicynuts at 6:29 AM on August 23, 2011

Response by poster: Hmm I don't think I found the exact model but these look similar . Thoughts?
posted by naskar at 7:40 AM on August 23, 2011

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