What is a good oil/soap for pierced ears?
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I am looking for a good ointment or oil to help keep my 5/8" gauged pierced ears soft and healthy. I also am looking for a decent mild soap to cleanse them with on a daily basis. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what is the best of both to use and where to get them?
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When I had my piercings, the place I went to sold Satin soap, which was one of the recommendations on their basic care page.

I'd recommend browsing Infinity's site as they have a lot of information on all manner and size of piercings, as well as how to manage them.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Infinity, other than that I went there a few times several years ago and would recommend them and their informative site.
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Here's a BMEzine entry on Satin soap.
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I've had my ears at 1 inch for six or seven years now (so they arevwell healed) and I don't use anything special on them. I use whatever soap/bodywash I use on the rest of my body, and occasionally put some lotion on them. Generally the best advice for any piercing is leave it alone as much as possible.

What's a lot more important for keeping your ears nice is the material the plugs are made of. These makes an huge difference in how your ears feel and in odor. I find acrylic and metal plugs are the worst, acrylic is really pretty terrible. I also don't get good results with those squishy silicon plugs. Natural materials are best. I like glass plugs because they don't react with my body at all, but some people don't like their weight. I also love the buffalo horn plugs I have. I've heard recommendations for jojoba oil to oil those plugs, so it might be good for your ears as well.
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on the mild soap front, Cetaphil seems like it would be perfect for this.
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Soap, I just use store-brand Dial antibacterial, maybe mixed with a little Dr. Bronner's. Dedicated once-a-day washing like you describe might be too much, especially if you find the piercings drying out.

Ointment/oil, I like progressive emu oil, but it's not always easy to find. Jojoba is a great second choice.

I also don't usually wear jewelry in my ear piercings overnight, and sometimes take a day or two off. You might also try to pay attention to your diet, hydration levels, etc., and see how that effects your ears.

Strongly seconding what catatethebird said about material choice, too.
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I just started using jojoba oil on my 1" ears and wooden plugs. It's really too soon to give a complete verdict, but it seems to do the trick.
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I have had 1/2" stretched lobes for 10+ years and I just do a quick wash in the shower every day with my usual body wash. If my lobes are dry for whatever reason (usually in winter), a bit of coconut oil or jojoba oil usually works quite nicely. I mostly just leave them alone, though.

Also nthing the advice about jewelry materials. I don't have much of a reaction to metal jewelry, but some people do, and acrylic is just plain terrible for daily wear. Glass or wood are usually the least problematic.
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Thanks so much for all the input from you guys. Each response helped me to make a decision on what to use for my ears. I am now using Dr. Bronner's baby scent free organic soap for my ears and also Jojoba Oil for my ears as well. They are now nice and clean and very healthy. I m not having any of that white gook or whatever you want to call it on my ear plugs at all. Thanks again.
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