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I have a sort of photo sharing website that breaks content up by category. There is not much text on the site, and we've been rejected by Google AdSense on that basis (not enough text). I'd like to find an ad network that will let me supply keywords (e.g., we have a gardening section, so we could sell space for gardening ads on those parts of the site) instead of scanning the site for them. Can anyone recommend an ad network that might do this?
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Project Wonderful will let you pick your own categories, as far as I know.
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Project Wonderful lets you add a limited number of tags to your site to attract advertisers, but there's no mechanism that restricts any and everybody from bidding on your ad space, regardless of what they're selling (although there are "ratings," so you can restrict the ads to only safe-for-kids if you want). You can choose to allow or deny any advertiser who places a bid on your adbox, but it can get tedious (especially if your site is popular).

You might try appealing your rejection from Google AdSense -- that actually worked for me, back when I applied to put an ad on the little site linked in my profile. They rejected me at first by saying that it appeared my site was still under construction, but when I wrote back and explained that it's just a very simple site with a photo that changes every day, they changed their minds and approved me. (Of course, this was five or six years ago.)
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