Slip covers for speaker cabinets?
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How/where to order custom protective fabric sleeves for a pair of speaker cabinets?

Here's a nice little problem to solve: I have a new pair of guitar speaker cabinets for which I'd like to get custom covers made. I'm not looking for full-on ATA road cases as those would be overkill for the casual jamming I'll use these for, but I'd like something to keep the cabinets from being scratched when I load them in my truck. I'm envisioning covers that are something like the zippered sleeve for my laptop, but sized for a pair of 1x12 and 2x12 cabinets. Scratch protection but not crush protection. I'm also open to the idea of using closing straps or Velcro instead of a zipper if that proves to be too expensive or hard to get right.

The cabinets look like this. The 2x12 is approx. 15" X 13" X 30", the 1x12 is approx. 15" X 13" X 15".

I'm trying to Google this and I'm drowning in search results. Even searching for this on Etsy is proving to be a challenge, as I'm not sure what to search for.

Any thoughts or suggestions on where to go for something like this? Bonus points if you have a rough idea about what I might expect to pay. If having someone else make them proves to be too pricey I'd like to source the material and make them myself...but only if I can figure out what material to ask for.
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Best answer: Like these? It's the first google result for 'amp covers', which is what everyone I know calls these. Although, I've never seen ones that zip or anything, they just slide over the top of the cab and hang there (which allows any installed casters to continue functioning, and means you don't have to pick up the cabs if they are on the floor in your studio).
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Response by poster: Wow, we may have a new record here, folks.

That's a very promising site. I'm not going to mark this as "Answered" yet because I want to see what else people come up with, but damn, that's about what I had in mind. Thanks!!
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Response by poster: The second site on that list was pretty promising, too, and pretty much exactly what I had in mind.

Time to email for some quotes.
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Response by poster: Thanks, jeb! Using your suggested search terms I found exactly what I was hoping to find from these guys. Goes to show that it's a lot easier to find what you want when you know what it's called, lol.
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haha true.
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