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Where can I buy a money belt in Istanbul?

I like money belts. I like Istanbul. My old money belt is broken (through my own fault alone) and my sewing skills are laughable. I've looked around the Grand Bazaar and every luggage store I've seen, but money belts seem to be too dorky for sale here.

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I haven't been to Turkey but other countries have guys with sewing machines on the sidewalk/or in the back room of a shop who can repair your old one/duplicate it.
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Don't give up on the Grand Bazaar. They have everything there, but you have to ask. I'd start with someplace that sells leather goods.
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Try the keywords "para kemeri" (money belt) and "hac malzemeleri" (Hajj supplies). I can't think of a travel store off the top of my head, but there are a ton of web results for stores that outfit religious pilgrims. If you can't find one in the bazaar, try the shops around Eyüp Sultan. It's a nice trip on its own—you can take your new money belt up to the cafe at Pierre Loti to watch the sunset and drink tea, and then head back down to the square around the mosque for a jammin' iftar this time of year.
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Thanks to all of the answerers: not realizing how isolated Eyüp is from the rest of the train/subway system, I ended up walking around a slightly run-down industrial neighborhood by Bayrampasa. There I eventually struck paydirt, when I saw two women in a shop working on sewing machines. They fixed it instantly and refused payment; eventually I negotiated them up to one lira. So not only did you inspire me to get it fixed well and cheaply, I got to meet some sweet people as well. Thanks!
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