How do I search through a file of many documents?
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What's the best way to search and/or organize a file of CVs in Windows XP?

I have a file with about 200 CVs in a mix of formats, but mostly Word or pdf. I'd like to be able to search for documents that contain one or more keywords - like "French" or "finance" or "Nepal".

I realize that this will never be as efficient as if they were in a database, but I'd at least like to make better use of "and" and "or" operators, and search across all document formats at once. The windows search does not seem to allow this.

Its a company machine so downloading Google Desktop or other 3rd party apps is not a good option (since it would require using up some political capital with the IT dept to let me run as an administrator to install).

Alternatively, is there some automated (i.e. doesn't involve opening and reading each CV) way of organizing or tagging the documents?

Would it be possible/better to convert them to some other format that has a more efficient search and sort function?

How can I manage this better in the future?
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I assume that upgrading to Windows 7 isn't likely. I ask since I've found Search there to be a lot handier compared to XP.

I can't think of much that would be built in... you might be able to find an app that you don't have to install but can run by itself (which should get you around the IT restrictions).
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Perhaps Google Desktop Search limited to the folder would help. This LifeHacker article and Google Help Article might have some tips & tricks on making that happen.
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