Is an Intel processor essential when you're streaming from your monitor?
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Can I stream live video from my monitor on a G5 Mac tower?

I'm mired in revisions for a graphic novel that I'm drawing digitally, and I'd like to join several of my other comics friends in their motivation of choice: streaming their monitor online so their friends can watch them work and provide a little company at the same time. (Also, guilt you into working instead of messing around on Tumblr, since your "audience" will be able to tell if you're slacking off.)

My friends use Livestream or Ustream to accomplish this. Unfortunately, the software that allows you to stream from your monitor (as opposed to a webcam) requires a machine with an intel processor. Alas, as mentioned, my computer is a G5.

Is there a workaround for this? Or am I out of luck until I get a new computer? EvoCam is the closest I've been able to find, and it doesn't really seem to do what I need it to.
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For broadcasting, you probably want EvoLV, not EvoCam. It definitely takes the desktop as a video input, and provides an RTSP stream.

If that still doesn't work, can you describe what you need that it doesn't do?
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Unfortunately, EvoLV seems to require 10.6, and my machine is running 10.4.11 -- I'm not actually sure if it would be possible to upgrade my OS, I'd have to check.
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Oh, darn. Sorry, I missed that-- 10.6 is Intel-only as well. It could very well be a hardware issue, that PPC chipsets can't take the screen as a video input.

Quicktime Broadcaster and JustinTV maybe? It was a suggestion from here. Or maybe one of these?
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Use VNC or similar to share your screen with others.
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Looks like I'm out of luck for now -- thanks anyway, mefi!
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