Getting rid of fishy smells
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How to get the fish smell out of my rice cooker?

One of my favourite things to have for lunch is something I call 'rice salad'. I cook the rice in my rice cooker then mix in smoked salon and frozen veg in the metal bowl of the rice cooker, that's great but it makes the bowl stink of fish even after soaking it and giving it a good scrub. Aside from the smell, which is kinda off-putting, I'm concerned that if it still smells, it isn't really properly clean.

I'd mix it in a different container but I'm concerned that will then stink irrevocably of fish and I'll have ruined a more versatile piece of kitchenware (I'm the only one that uses the rice cooker and only for this)
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Lemon is supposed to correct fishy smells. Cut a lemon open, rub the innards, rinse.
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Try soaking it in a solution of about 1 parts white vinegar to 3 parts water. (More vinegar if it's REALLY smelly.)
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Response by poster: Would a cloth with lemon juice on it do? Seems like a waste of a whole lemon.

I considered vinegar but even that diluted with 3 parts water, that's a lot of vinegar to be going through on a weekly basis!
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I splash of bleach in your dish water and a thorough rinse should do the trick.
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Best answer: that's a lot of vinegar to be going through on a weekly basis!

You could do up a spray bottle of diluted vinegar and just spray it thoroughly (so all surfaces are wet) and let it sit for awhile.
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As for an alternative mixing container, why not get a stainless steel bowl?
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