Where are all the touristy postcards online?
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Where can I find pictures (preferably postcards I can buy) of post WWII bombed out Berlin and Dresden? (More inside)

I am working on a photography book of some pictures I took while in Berlin and Dresden. I want to illustrate how much the city has changed since WWII and since the wall has fallen. Ideally, I would like to hold postcards in my hands in my pictures. I can't find anywhere to buy these online. I am in the United States.
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On a recent trip to Berlin, I bought a number of postcards depicting the city post-WWII. The company listed on the back of the cards:

publicon Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
Poststr. 12
10178 Berlin

Googling "publicon" results in another address + telephone number (via several listing sites):

publicon Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
Palais am Festungsgraben 1
10117 Berlin
Tel(030) 201 658 58

The company also has a branch in Cologne, but sadly, apparently no website. Snailmail it is.
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Do they have to be *actual* postcards? Or can you use photos trimmed to those dimensions and mounted on card stock?
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Response by poster: I would be willing to order a book as well. Postcards would be ideal.
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Am planning to go to Dresden at the end of September. If you don't find a much less ridiculous way to get your hands on postcards before then, me-mail me, and if it is possible to buy the postcards in Dresden, I will.
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Wow, I never would have thought it would be tough to find that stuff online; how strange. I'm in Dresden and can ask around in some touristy bookshops tomorrow. And if all else fails, I can send you some cards, as well.

(Thank you for the incentive to finally become a Mefite!)
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Been thinking... I bought some of the postcards at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ged├Ąchtnis-Kirche, and it occurred to me that you might ask the folks there if they'd be willing to sell and send you a selection. Their email: info@gedaechtniskirche-berlin.de
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