OMG hot recs 4 sushi w/ my grrlz in VA Beach :x :x :x xoxoxo
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I've been drafted by a Maid of Honor into finding a restaurant to host 8 probably somewhat-sauced 20-something grrls (and their token gay, yours truly) post-Bachelorette-Beach-Party in Virginia Beach, VA. I've never been to Virginia Beach. Uh, has.... has anyone else? Halp!

While I think I was drafted into this as I have the reputation for good restaurant-sense, I've never been to Virginia Beach in my life, so fuck if I know what is and is not good dining in a resort town. (I guess it's safer than "buying gag gifts"; I fear my ideas might be a bit lewd for this bunch). This would be for this next Saturday.

The Maid of Honor has specifically requested somewhere close to our hotel, which is located at 5655 Greenwich Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23462, but I would consider this a lower priority than good food and drink, especially as I haven't the faintest whether this is a plausible set of demands given my ignorance of how VA Beach is laid out. The group is a combination of very perky former sorority girls and high-powered business-womyn-types, with some mixing-between... I'm not particularly sure how "adventurous" as a whole the group is (I assume not but only know a sparse few party members), but then again I doubt there's much that isn't whitewashed in a resort town. But, perhaps I'll be surprised, and surprise them all in turn? Maybe something gimmicky like a Hibachi place, but, really, anything tasty would do.

I just want to avoid going to Bubba Gump Shrimp... and, I do love the bride-to-be dearly, so would like her to have a fun dinner with her grrlz before continuing on with the debauchery.
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This place has good Yelp reviews.
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Wow, they've really hampered you by asking you to find something close to that spot, you're about as far as you can get from the resort facilities of VB and still be in VB. I stay near that hotel when I visit VB specifically because it's quiet.
Within easy walking distance of the hotel is the hotel restaurant (which I've never eaten in), a Denny's, and a Ruby Tuesdays, none of which I'd pick as a fun party spot. Slightly further away north on Newtown is Surfrider West which has the best damn crab cakes on the planet but is otherwise a "seafood bar" kinda vibe.
Kyushu can be hit or miss. When they're on, they're great. When they're not, not so much. Up the road half a block is Sakura, which is also hit or miss.
VB seems to have quite a few small hole-in-the-wall sushi joints. They tend to vary widely in quality on any given day. I've had experiences where I've said to myself "OMG, that was fabulous!" and then I go back a month or so later and it's "huh."
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I live in Norfolk, and work in VB so I feel qualified to answer, and to tell you the truth... there isn't shit near that hotel. We're talking Denny's is the closest restaurant. That area is more of a business park than a destination spot, so save the life of the party and venture outside of that.

Now, you want sushi? Do yourself a favor and go to This Old House on Aragona Blvd. I would also recommend Nara on Independence or Matsu on Holland Road. For hibachi, there's Sumo on South Independence or Inaka on Princess Anne Road.

Farther away from you, but still a great place for a seafood dinner and drinks is Hot Tuna, and there's the added benefit that after about 9.30 it becomes a club with live music or DJs. One of my favorite places to eat is One Fish, Two Fish - it's on the water, has a great atmosphere, and the food is excellent (if you go, get the tuna tataki, you can thank me later).

Now as a local, I will tell you that your best bet is not do any of that. Now that we have the light rail system up and running (albeit in a limited area) you can always widen your range even further and go to the Newtown Road station and ride the line into downtown Norfolk. It's about a 3 minute drive or a 10 minute walk to the station from that hotel. There's phenomenal places to eat and drink in Norfolk (with the added bonus that it doesn't feel like you're boozing it up in a strip mall like you would in VB). If you go downtown, I'd recommend Kincaid's (seafood, steakhouse), Domo (sushi), Empire (tapas), Sirena Cucina (Italian)... the list goes on. Plus, there's numerous drinking spots, so if you don't like one, you just walk to another - not possible in VB.
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I love, love, love this place. Unless you hate Indian food, I think you would too.
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