Spinal Tap style amplifier knobs that go to 11?
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Can you help me find Spinal Tap style amplifier knobs that go to 11?

A friend's teenage son loves Spinal Tap and my friend wants to get him actual amplifier knobs that go to eleven. I have searched Google and eBay with no success - can the MeFi army assist? BTW, it is a Crate amp.
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OK, here's the deal.

First off, the knobs themselves don't have numbers on them... the faceplate does. That makes things a bit easier. Here's the actual Spinal Tap amps:

Supposedly, Marshall made a version of the JCM900 that featured faceplates that went up to eleven, and reportedly very early Fender "Champ" amps go to eleven as well (but sound like crap, and are very rare).

If you've got a lot of money to blow, Soldano heads go to eleven, but I think your best bet is to buy a cheap sheet of aluminum, a jigsaw and/or drill, and make your own faceplate.
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All tweed Fenders (not just Champs) went to "12" and sound like the voice of god.
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It's easy enough to make but harder to make it look good.

I build my own guitar and bass amps and these guys are recommended alot for faceplates: BNP Laser Engraving.

I've not actually used them but alot of amp builders do. I'm just cheap and am mostly concerned with my amps sounding great. They don't have to look great. Indeed, I don't even put faceplates or any kind of markings on my amps because I know what the knobs all do.

Onto the Fender Champ derail. I built a friend a Champ clone (5F1 schematic). It's raunchy and dirty and a little harsh and LOUD for 5 W. Oh my god did that amp sound great. I only had it for a few weeks after I built it and I kind of miss it. I should build another. Really, one can't go wrong with a tweed.
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It's not only faceplates that have the numbers on em.
See Fender Twins, Pro Reverbs, etc., etc. Exhibit A, B...
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aa - It is in the movie (that pic I hotlinked is from the movie). I think you're better off putting the numbers on the faceplate because:
  1. You won't have to worry about the knobs not fitting
  2. A sheet of aluminum is cheap, so you can screw up a couple of times
  3. It'd probably be easier to find someone to engrave the numbers on the plate than emboss a dial.

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