TV remote went dead; suggestions?
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My TV remote control went dead. I replaced batteries, still not working. What else could be the cause, and any suggested fixes? I went out and bought a "universal" remote and it too didn't work.
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Maybe the problem is on the TV side? Like the IR receiver?
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You can look at the IR beam coming from a remote control using electronic cameras, like camcorders or webcams, if you want to see whether the remote is actually working. It doesn't sound like the remote is your problem.
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This may be a silly question, but have you checked to see if something is physically blocking the IR receiver on your TV?

Like a pile of DVDs, or something like that...
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The receiver on your television could be dirty, dusty or something might have been spilt on it. Try wiping it because some remote controls are really weak and seem to need to be pointed directly at a clean receiver.

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I have had this happen before. There was a simple explanation in my case. I needed to press the TV/TVR (TV/VCR) button to toggle back to the television setting. Not sure if this is the case for you.
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You can also hear if a remote is working on an unused AM radio station. But if you've tried a universal, and you programmed it correctly (not always easy), chances are your TV isn't getting the IR signal.

Take your remote to a large electronics store. Find the same brand, model won't matter. Unless your TV is very old, it should work. Just keep trying.

But it is probably your TV. IR receivers don't go out too often, but it can happen. You can try holding the remote directly in front of the receiver.
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