Norwegian with a Bergen accent, so that babies will find my voice soothing
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I'd like to learn Norwegian. Caveat: I'd like to learn specifically the Bergen dialect/accent. Is that possible?

I'd like to find audio of people speaking with Bergen dialects, and since my Norwegian's not so great just yet, I'd need some written transcript to compare it to. A word-for-word transcript would be ideal, otherwise standard bokmål/nynorsk subtitles, or otherwise English subtitles.

Most of the stuff I find seem to use a Eastern dialect. I'd like to learn the standard grammar (using masculine/feminine gender instead of common, for example), but with oral pronunciation (using the French-r, for instance) and certain pronouns, I'd like to be able to speak using Bergensk. Most learning resources I can find use Eastern dialects.

I don't know how many Scandinavians are on this site, but are there audio/video resources involving Bergensk, preferably with transcripts I could listen to?

Otherwise: if you can't suggest stuff that use the Bergen dialect, can you suggest stuff, that use any dialect (Oslo or wherever), that have both a aural and written component? I've found this site, and more like it would be great.

(The title's a joke, by the way. But apparently, according to Norwegian Wikipedia, there used to be this idea that children found the Bergen accent to be particularly soothing.)
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Bergens Tidende has a website with a bunch of standup shows in Bergensk. No transcripts though, I'm afraid. I think it would be very difficult to try to find any resources in written Bergensk.
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If you can't find any resources, perhaps you could set up a language exchange with someone who speaks that dialect? That's how I learned my colloquial Persian - I had a 2-hour Skype meeting every week with my conversation partner, with one hour of English, and one hour of Persian.
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What about audio books narrated by someone with the Bergen dialect. Get the paper book and the audio book simultaneously and you could follow it.

For example this crime novel written by a Bergen writer and narrated by a Bergen actor; Vi skal arve vinden.

I'm pretty sure there must be lots of local literature from (or about) Bergen with audio versions narrated by a Bergenser. If the fiction is set in Bergen, I'm grådig sure the narrator will speak dialogue in dialect.

I can't recommend you anything, as I'm not familiar with audio books and/or narrators... just found the above example with a quick search. Try contacting the Bergen Public Library, they could probably help suggest some for you, or maybe even help you in general with other ideas.
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