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What camcorder would you recommend to me if I'm looking for something to record craft tutorials? Would like something affordable (up to $300), w/ HD (though not necessary), and reasonably good zoom. I'm aware of the Flip, but looking for other options since this has been discontinued.
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The only thing that should discourage you about the Flip being discontinued would be that you might not be able to count on customer support. Am I right?
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Depending on what the craft is you might wish to bring the camera very close to the object of interest. Not all cameras will enjoy this and if the only option on the camera is auto-focus in some circs it may struggle to find the correct focus point.

I don't know anything about the flips capabilities in these areas, I'm just mentioning it to allow you to check.

I'm wondering how you think you might do audio ? Most cheaper cameras will not allow you to plug in an external microphone and so you're stuck with (A) using the on-camera mike or (B) using a seperate recording device and syching it up in post.

If you're indoors (and I imagine you are) and you're not super picky about sound probably (A) will work OK for you but again I'm just mentioning it.
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Best answer: I bought a Kodak Play Touch a while ago. Couldn't be happier, especially considering the price. It has a microphone jack and a close up setting for the lens.
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I have a Flip; it's not so good on extreme closeup.
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Seconding Kodak Play Touch.
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Response by poster: Oh yes, I do want good audio quality too...good point. I'll check out the Kodak Play Touch. Thanks.
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