Useful sites for medicine?
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What are some useful sites (like news) for keeping up to date with medicine?

I plan on studying medicine at the start of next year and wish to keep up to date...
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Sites like Medical Observer...
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Science Daily lets you pick which fields interest you and has RSS feeds for each. For example, I subscribe to news about diabetes, fitness, extrasolar planets, sexual health, and gender because those topics interest me. But they have a variety of things for you to choose from including a top science news feed.

Good stuff.
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As a med student, I like these two:
MedPage Today:
(daily emails, option to set a preference for fields that interest you)
(especially, the 'student' section, with headlines/blogs/tips/quizzes etc.)
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EurekAlert has a medicine and health section. (I use EurekAlert to find the original med/sci press releases referenced in newspaper and TV news shows.)
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Become familiar with the major medical journals. They all have Twitter, RSS feeds, email Table of Contents, Early Release articles, etc. so you can subscribe by your favourite modality.
The big 6 are: NEJM, JAMA, BMJ, Lancet, PLoS, and Annuals of Internal Medicine.
(Note subscribing to ALL of them might be too much.)

Others that come to mind are...

HLWIKI: List of medical podcasts and videocasts (organized by topic). Browse the HLWIKI site to see what other interesting links you can find.

The Mayo Clinic also has a number of resources including a Twitter feed, blogs, and videos. If you like Twitter there are a lot of medical researchers and organizations on Twitter.

You are in Australia?
Might be too focused on research methodology but the Australasian Cochrane Centre may have some interesting news for you, inexpensive webinars and archived conference material.
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Oops of course you also want to check out the Medical Journal of Australia! :D
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