Fixing up my sprinkler system
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SprinklerFilter: My garden watering system seems to be behaving badly. The system waters OK, but the backflow filter (a Febco 825Y) is leaking. I've turned the water supply off for the moment, but when it is on, it makes an odd kss-kss-kss sound, and there seems to be water coming out of the bottom somewhere. Any ideas? Do I need to replace the backflow valve?

Related question: the person who put the system in has subsequently vanished, so I can't discuss it with them. But the documentation that I've found for the backflow indicates that it should really be above ground, but he put it about a foot underground under an access panel. Should I relocate it?
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Yeah, most of those need to be installed higher than your sprinklers. They're supposed to keep any irrigation water from ever getting back into your house's water supply in case the water pressure is lost. They want to be installed at a high point where any siphoning action can be dissipated. This looks like a good reference:

It seems like anti-siphons do sometimes leak a bit. If enough is coming out that it's a problem it can be replaced or you may be able to locate a gasket kit (pg 22) for it.
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