What happened to my orgasm?
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Can an orgasm change?

25 year old female. The feeling of my orgasm has recently changed. It still happens physiologically, but it's not pleasurable at all. Nearly even painful. I might have gotten some shower cleaner down there it accidentally. Could this have damaged the nerves? Could it be due to a yeast infection or something else? I really don't think this is psychological. It changed suddenly and is still happening, just doesn't feel the same. Help!
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Hi! Please go see a doctor.
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Neither shower cleaner nor a yeast infection will change the experience of your orgasm. But I would still go see your GYN to rule out a physiological cause. It could be a fibroid, endo, or something else that is actually changing your sensations.

But it could just be a phase. Orgasm is at the core a physical response. It's a muscular contraction. You can have an orgasm while bored, distracted, angry, whatever. If you don't have all of the swimmy brain chemistry going on with it, it's just... a muscular contraction with no endorphins. Has the circumstance of your orgasm changed? Are you sure this is not just situational?
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See a doctor. It could be anything from an infection to a tumor to lack of lubrication. See a doctor ASAP.

And yes, as a woman, it is not uncommon for your orgasms to change in frequency and intensity as you get older (for many of us they actually get better), but PAIN is not a good sign and it needs to be addressed by a professional.
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This happened to me - and the change was pretty sudden, too. It was endo. See a doctor.
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Mine changed when I went on an SSRI. You should see a doctor, though!
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Is it possible you have a UTI?
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Have you started riding a bicycle recently? Pressure from the bicycle seat can cause changes in your clitoris and/or sexual response. It's enough of an issue that they make special bicycle seats to deal with this.
Allergies are another thing that can affect sexual response. And allergies can develop at any point in your life.
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Yes, orgasm can feel different if you have a yeast infection, almost painful is a good description in my experience.

Lots of others things impact also like certain drugs, alcohol use, can you schedule a visit to your OB/GYN or practice nurse?

In the UK there are walk-in sexual health clinics where you can get help and if it were for example a yeast infection, walk out with the drugs/creams/pessaries to help.
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