Like a moth to a flame: What are these caterpillar cocoons?
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[Worcester, MA filter] What type of caterpillars/moths make their cocoons on trees like this? I see them every year and always forget to ask!
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Best answer: Looks like tent caterpillars: wikipedia, photos.
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Best answer: ...or Gypsy moth.
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Best answer: Was gonna say gypsy moth, too. I grew up in Connecticut and we had tons and that's what we called em.
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Grew up in Connecticut in the 1970s, and we'd call these tent caterpillar nests.

And then the adults would kill them with fire and other nastiness - when I was really little, there was a huge explosion of tent caterpillars one summer, the trees were denuded, and my mom said she could hear the sound of thousands of caterpillars chomping on leaves and pooping.

I'd say a lot of adults in my youth had a hatred or at least a phobia about these nests

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You should report those. The state will come out and spray.
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More likely this time of year is fall webworm, usually more of a cosmetic problem than a serious issue.
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Hey, I just spent the afternoon cutting out fall webworm nests in my apple and hickory trees!

Was curious about tent caterpillars, so I looked up the differences between tent caterpillars and fall webworm. It seems that tent caterpillars appear in the spring while fall webworms appear in the fall. Both are usually harmless to mature, healthy trees.
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