Effective skin-calming liquid?
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What is the soothing liquid that my brow threader uses that eliminates redness and inflammation immediately?

It's alcohol based and she keeps it in an unmarked spray bottle and applies with a cotton ball - I've asked, but there's a language barrier and all I can get is "soothing." It is clear and not oily so not azulene.

If I wash it off within about 6 hours, the redness and swelling immediately returns, so whatever it is has some effective active ingredient.

It is not witch hazel, benadryl gel, this toner, this serum, after-tweeze, or any kind of tea tree product.

Any knowledge or solid guesses would be appreciated!!
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I would say it probably has aloe in it - the one my wax lady uses smells like aloe.

Here are a few possibles:
-two (yes, it's witch hazel, but it has aloe!)
-three (yeah, it's for men, but I've used it before)
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Arnica gel? The effective ingredient is arnica montana, but it does have alcohol in it too. (Note that the second link says it doesn't really work, so YMMV.)
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Neem oil?
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Sorry, I should haves added...if it doesn't seem oily, it may be a tonic with neem in it. Is your beauty therapist from the subcontinent?
It's not always/often red.

If you think it's not neem related, what is the country of origin of this lady. That might help us.
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My eyebrow threader uses rose water applied exactly as you describe!
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Still working at narrowing it down. Just tried the Thayer's rosewater and aloe witch hazel, which smells lovely but does not immediately cool redness.

If it is neem, it doesn't have a strong odor. All the threaders use it, and some of them are Indian and some are Middle Eastern.

The salon is the type to keep a low overhead, so I imagine they have a 55 gallon drum from Sally or Costco of whatever this stuff is; I doubt it's hand-distilled or boutique or organic in any way.

I'm going to ask around some more and post back here if I find out.

thanks, all!
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Turns out it was just as melissasaurus suggested, witch hazel with aloe.
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