How do I send all MP3 links on a webpage to Winamp?
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How do I send all MP3 links on a web page to Winamp (or, I suppose, any audio player)?

I've had several promising options, but they're all dead ends. The Launchy extension lets you send a single link to any application, but not multiple links. Alf Eaton's MP3 to M3U bookmarklet works wonderfully on public websites, but the site I'm using requires authentication to view pages. Please help! This has been bugging me for ages.
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Response by poster: Oh, a Firefox-only solution is perfectly fine.
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For Firefox, DownThemAll will auto-download all the linked files.

No idea how to make them auto-play, however.
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If you're trying to do basic auth, you can just modify the bookmarklet to add http://l:p@mp3.url/
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Expanding lhl's vernacular:


I personally just drag-and-drop them into my playlist.

If you're using a shared-resource server kind of thingy, there's server-side scripts and/or code that will automatically list everything in winamp's playlist - be it by directory, search results, or whatever.

I don't know what that code is, but there was a place that I worked at that had a sort of shared jukebox database/server that did that. Also, I know that if you go to a lot of the larger shoutcast streaming sites automatically list multiple server resources in one click.
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There's also a greasemonkey script which will let you stream any mp3 in winamp, instead of waiting for it to download. Not what you where asking, but useful, nonetheless.
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FoxiPod makes downloading MP3s and music files and adding them to iTunes a single-click process. There is probably something similar for Winamp.
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Response by poster: Sorry, I should've clarified. I don't want to download the files... Just send the URLs to Winamp for queueing, emulating the behavior of dragging a link onto the Winamp window or using the Launchy extension. DownThemAll and FoxiPod both download the MP3s first. I simply want to stream directly from Winamp.

The Greasemonkey script that Signal referred to won't work either, for the same reason that Alf's bookmarklet doesn't work: both rely on a server-side script that scrapes the source webpage... Since my source requires authentication, it won't work. lhl's http auth trick won't work in this environment either.

I think my best bet is to write my own script, similar to Alf's script, on my own server with my auth credentials stored inline. Oh, well.
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How about this Web Jukebox greasemonkey script? I hear it makes m3u files on the fly.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I tried that one too. It also requires a server-side script that needs access to the authenticated website. Here's the line in Greasemonkey script with the URL:

url = ""+escape(par)+"&autoload=true";
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Use Playr.
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Or Webjay.
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Response by poster: Playr and Webjay won't handle password-protected pages, either.
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Response by poster: Alf wrote a new bookmarklet that does exactly what I wanted. Thanks, Alf!
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