Please explain how women's gymnastics events are scored.
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I'm going to the Senior Women's Final of the Visa US Gymnastics Championships tonight. I was an avid gymnastics fan through around 1988, but a lot has changed since then. I always watch it during the Olympics and I have to admit I never bothered to try to understand the new system. Is there someone who could give me a cliff notes version of how the scoring works?
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Best answer: The Gymnastics Scoring System
"How the new system works."

Down With the Perfect 10!
"A mathematician explains the genius of the new gymnastics scoring system."
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Response by poster: Thanks, ericb. I had read the second article, but I guess I failed at google because I didn't see the NYT article until your post. Very helpful!
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You're welcome. Getting ready to watch the competition on NBC tonight at 8:00 pm.
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