The Origins of Life
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Does anyone know how to hunt down an animated film they used to (or still do) show at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History? It was attached to the marine life/oceans exhibit and was about the origins of life and natural selection. Absent finding a copy of the film online, does anyone else remember seeing this?

For reference, this would be from the early 90s. Unfortunately, the only scenes I clearly remember are some single-celled organisms floating around, plus lightning striking a shallow pool.

Question inspired by seeing this gem at a film festival.
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Just to be sure: are you positive you're not thinking of one of the IMAX films? The science-oriented "mission" films (as opposed to the commercial stuff like Harry Potter) mostly clock in around 35-45 minutes long; this one sounds a little like 'Cosmic Voyage'.
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Know exactly what you are talking about and I might have a lead, stay tuned.
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Ask here.
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It is an animated short by Faith Hubley called "Enter Life" and has been screening at the museum on a continuous loop since 1981. Her children include animator Emily Hubley and Yo La Tengo musician Georgia Hubley.
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Thank you, Silby! (And easily confused and Morrigan).

Right on the nose! I'm going to try to go back and see it next time I'm in D.C.
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Or, I guess, just watch it right here!
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