King Smedleys Beer?
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King Smedley's Beer - help confirm an alcohol-tainted memory

My co-worker, Gary, swears that he and a friend picked up a six-pack of "King Smedley's Beer" at the end of a bender in Fresno in the lat '70's/early '80's. They'd never heard of the brand before, but their reason for purchasing it was based on two factors: first, they could afford it based on their cobbled-together change; second, each can from the six-pack featured a different member of the Smedley royal court.

The morning after their late-night misadventure, Gary and his cohort decided that the beer cans depicting King Smedley and his court were worth retrieving. Alas, neither Gary nor his companion could remember where either had chucked the empty cans. Until recently, Gary was convinced that the whole episode was hallucinated - until he found some signs confirming the existence of "King Smedley" (and, for certain beyond a doubt, not "King's Medley" beer.

Online references I know already are:


While these two references have helped Gary feel as though he wasn't completely mis-remembering the brand of beer that represented the end of a besotted evening, they are not giving him the closure he'd like. So, hive-mind, I ask: Has anyone else got a recollection regarding King Smedley Beer? More, can anyone vouch for the other royalty listed on the cans and/or suggest where Gary might purchase one for nostalgic purposes?

As ever, O Hive Mind, I (that is, Gary and I) appreciate your input and assistance.
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A couple people talked about it in once.
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King Snedley's. Now your googling will be rich indeed.
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Fascinating. With the latter I got Google's Did you mean: king smedley's, but not the other way around, which would obviously be infinitely more useful.
The Googles! They do nothing!
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I made a wikipedia article and gave it a redirect from King Smedley's Beer, for the hapless hoplanders of the future.
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Awesome! Thanks again, gang!
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