indie/college music song filter: what song is this?!?
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please help me find this song: the local college radio station just played a song, shazam jammed on me, they aren't answering the phone and the online playlists haven't been updated!

the radio show plays a mix of current indie/college music. the song could have been as early as mid 90's, but i think it is actually a throwback and much more current. at first listen it reminded me of 90's girl rock/pop (letters to cleo, etc). the female vocalist sings in a higher register, similar to kate bush but more upbeat. the only lyrics i could make out were the chorus, where she draws out the word "darlin" and follows up with a phrase about the length of "do do do do do". google suggested avril lavigne and tegan and sara, both of which are not it.
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Sweet Darlin', by She & Him perhaps?
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Try using Soundhound app
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Best answer: Just wait until you can reach the station and talk to the DJ. She/he will surely be able to tell you. Better yet, get the name and email him/her.

(Former college radio DJ here.)
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Response by poster: thanks all. good song suggestion, interesting app and sound advice. patience is a virtue: santigold - turn out the light.
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