What camera should I get?
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I want a new digital camera. Amazon has the Sony DSC-HX5V for $190. Is it worth it?

Some reviews for the dsc-hx5v complain about "soft" pictures. What does that mean? Is that something one would only notice zooming in lots? How would that compare to my old camera, a circa 2007 Canon Powershot SD1000? (I'm guessing a lot better?)

Another option would be the Canon Powershot 300 HS, but I'm more than a little sold on geotagging. I've been comparing the two on snapsort and the canon is rated much higher, but the differences seem to be things I don't care much about like "Really small", "thin", and "high speed movies". But then again, CHDK is super handy. I would rather also not spend $100 more for the Canon SX230 (even though it would seem like the natural solution, with GPS) when there doesn't seem like a huge huge difference between the that and the DSC-HX5V; still, I could be way off and that $100 be worth every penny.

So I'm a little conflicted about what camera I should buy. I want a decent or better-than-decent picture camera for around $200. I would really like gps on it, but I guess it's not a complete dealbreaker. What camera do you think I should get?
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Best answer: The HX5V's white balance is awful, and it has some severe barrel distortion that they try to hide with software. Don't buy it. I returned mine and picked up a Panasonic ZS7, which is decent but has a poor quality sensor compared to your typical Canon camera.
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Best answer: I've always hated using Sony cameras. Whereas I have always enjoyed the Canons. I'd pick up whatever Canon best suits your needs.
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Oh, and one more thing to watch out for is that a lot of Canon's have a weird pop-up flash that will get in the way of your fingers if you're holding the camera 'properly'. I guess it's to reduce red eye but it's REALLY annoying if you're used to traditional shooting posture...
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a lot of new cameras are about to be announced in the next several weeks. Canons, Nikon's, etc. You might want to chill to see how the dust settles. Big stuff is gonna happen.
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Sony's are rarely review well.

Seconding the Lumix. I love mine. I always like to shot out of auto mode, but my DMC-F3 takes better shots in auto than I end up doing in manual. First point-and-shoot I've had that did.
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Best answer: I had a couple of Sonys in the past, and the color balance was always cool-shifted (bluish, greenish). Always had to tweak output in Photoshop. I switched to Canons and never looked back. I don't know that model, but go with a company that specializes in cameras over one that specializes in televisions, you know?
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Response by poster: Alright, it looks like I'm going to go with the Powershot 300 HS and leave the geotagging for a future camera. Thanks, everyone!
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