Where can I exchange Côte d'Ivoire francs for U.S. Dollars?
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My mom recently returned from the Ivory Coast with about 50,000 XOF (=~$100). However, she hasn't found anywhere that will accept the XOF and pay her USD. She has tried Wells Fargo, American Express travel exchange, and Travelex, with no success anywhere. Does anyone know who will accept XOF for exchange?
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Go to an airport and find a money exchange booth.
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Most airports I've been through use Travelex for their money exchange booths. But still, going t the airport might do better.
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Depending on where your mom lives, this place might be able to help. I've not used them, but have walked by their office many times!
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If you can't find somewhere to take it and it's "pretty" money, she could give it to any youngsters or stamp collecting types as gifts.
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Is there a community of Ivorians nearby? Someone going home would appreciate getting a better exchange rate than the bank offers.
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Best answer: Ask for the bank manager. They should be able to do this as a special order. The fees and exchange rate will suck, so may not be worthwhile. This site seems to offer the service my mail.
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It is very difficult to exchange currencies like this outside of the country because of fluctuations and counterfeiting issues - I have also been unable to exchange Central African Francs (XAF) even within the continent. Travelex etc don't have these currencies.

I'd second TWinbrook8's suggestion to find someone going to the country to exchange it with.
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Bank of America exchanges a decent variety of currencies - perhaps you'll have luck there?
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