Can you recommend me a mail forwarding service?
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Can you recommend me a mail forwarding service? Details inside.

I am leaving the US for an extended period of time but need to keep a street address here to receive my mail, since I expect to be receiving important documents in the next few months. I have of course Google for providers of this kind of service, but the results are pretty messy.

The service I'm looking for has:

1) A real street address in the San Francisco Bay Area.
2) An online interface for me to read my e-mails using a browser.
3) The ability to ship selected to mail overseas (to Brazil more specifically).

Any recommendations for a trusted provider?
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This guy has a cool scheme.
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I'm an American expat living in Europe and I use Virtual Post Mail for my mail forwarding services. I'm very happy with it.

They won't give you a SF address but you'll get one in Walnut, CA.
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We use earthclassmail at my work. They do have an option that has a SF street address, but it costs extra.

1) I think they've re-structured the plans since I last looked at it, but if you need a physical SF street address, you should look at the virtual mail room option.

2) The online interface isn't awesome but it's useable.

3) You can choose to forward mail overseas.
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