Rover rover mechanic, please come over...
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Need reliable, dependable, honest Range Rover mechanic near or around Waldoboro, Maine

Relative has 1999 Range Rover with possible fuel line leak. We are on a family vacation and away from her home state of Massachusetts. Please help Obi-mefites, you're our only hope! Can't find reliable info on web, currently...

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While you're awaiting for a mefite to answer you could also ask your question in

More specifically there is a, long, list of recommended garages here I haven't looked through it but there may be one in Maine listed there.
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Maine listing no longer has a website...i'll call the number in the morning. Thanks!
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Actually, the list is different from their site's list. No Maine listed, but looking for NH and MA...thanks!
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Model is 1999 4.6 HSE
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Call these guys:

They're out of range of you (har har) but probably know who to turn to. Although really, for a fuel line, it probably doesn't matter too terribly much, aside from the difficulty of actually getting the part.

Hopefully as a Range Rover owner you at least are enjoying this for completely everyday adventure it is.
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Thanks for all the help, folks! They are at a mechanic, now! Glad I'm not paying...:-)
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