What sounds sound like no other sound?
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A coworker bouncing a ping pong ball on his desk today made me think, "There is nothing else that sound could ever be confused for." Are there any other sounds that are unmistakeable for anything else?
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A zipper unzipping.
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The opening of a pop-top can.
Rain hitting a tin roof.
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I would say the sound of cockerel "cock a doodle dooing" is unmistakable.
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Really loud bass music is always just really loud bass music.
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Best answer: The ticking/tinking of a bicycle freewheel.
The chortle of a cold Subaru engine in low gear.
A dripping sink.
Dog Day cicadas.
A Champagne Cork popping.
Chainlink fence rattling.
Dot matrix printers.
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There's a ton of sounds that fit this description. A car starting. A toilet flushing. A person typing. A modem. Popcorn popping. Scissors cutting. Sharpening a knife.
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A wooden baseball bat on a baseball.
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The dial of a rotary telephone.
The scrrratttchiing noise of a needle swiped across a record.
The scrape of a snow shovel against pavement.
The screeching of vehicle tires when the brakes are stomped upon suddenly.
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I would have said Velcro, but I've listened to The Guns Of Brixton for decades now and only recently learned that the sound behind the opening bassline was made my the velcro on their fatigues.
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An aluminum baseball bat is even more unmistakeable.
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I'm guessing that a Foley artist would disagree with a lot of the answers given here. It would be interesting to have a Foley artist answer this question, although I don't know if there are any MeFite Foley artists.
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A kookaburra's laugh
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THX sounds, "Deep Note" (yes, you really do know what this is! Listen)

Close Encounters of the Third Kind 5 sounds.

One I recognize:

The sound of a Mac powering up.
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Oh, the Tarzan yell!
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I don't think we're talking about inimitable sounds, DevilsAdvocate, just ones that are highly distinct or evocative. A Foley artist could recreate them, but the signal is the unique quality of the noise.
An aside: the imitability of some of these noises is undisputed, as my bird makes the zipper zipping up noise as I'm getting ready to leave the house and he also has a convincing water drip.
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a ping pong ball is pretty close to a dull clave (click play on the little flash thing).
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A chainsaw (this one if the infamous Gears of War one)

Annoying mosquito

Scooby doo's laugh

Roadrunner meep-meep

pacman dying, pacman wakka wakka

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The cat scraping its paw across the miniblinds at 5:00 a.m. when it wants you to get up and feed it.
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The clink-clink of a box of nitrous oxide cylinders, and the crack-hiss noise when you open one. Someone should use that sound as a ringtone; it'd be funny watching heads swivel around.
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A taxi receipt printing (sounds a lot like the smoke monster from Lost).
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I was gonna say a baby crying, but then I remembered that yowly cats can sometimes sound a lot like a baby crying (which is really creepy).
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Curtains opening/closing?
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Racking a 12-gauge shotgun.
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Or, what jamaro said.
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A bullet whizzing overhead

A solid punch to the face

A beeping heart monitor

A fart

A bullwhip

A hand-saw

A falling tree

A sword unsheathed

A cowbell

A waterfall


TV static

Ocean waves

Rain on a roof

Trees rustled by the wind
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An ice cream truck.

Even if the song is new to you, even if you can barely hear it and you're trying to get the whole world to hold its breath for -one second- on that steamingly hot day so you can try to tell how far away "that song" is, you know, somewhere deep in your mind, it's an ice cream truck.
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A Volkwagen air-cooled engine in an old Beetle/Super Beetle, or the pancake variation in a Type III or Kombi van. It sounds like no other engine on earth. Dakka dakka dakka dakka dak.
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This is a serious answer and not an attempted wisecrack. I am a professional musician and Listener to Things and I am here to report that the answer to your question is "All sounds. " Even the line in Sneakers is bogus: ducks don't sound like a cocktail party, they sound like a bunch of ducks.
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Do you mean short, percussive sounds? Sounds that could be any solid object striking another, but those objects can be distinguished without being seen - like a pingpong ball on a table? Because otherwise it's a bloody long list.
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Two people have mentioned a shotgun being racked, but no one has mentioned the actual report. That's not a sound you're likely to miss.

A turkey gobbling.

Air being let out of a tire.

A belch.
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Nails on a chalkboard
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Harley Davidson established some sort of legal precedent by trying to trademark the sound of their engine.

The classic BMW motorcycle sounds different.

The v-12 Merlin engine sounds different from the Pratt and Whitney radial engine, and both of them sound different from jet engines.

Machine guns.

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The whining of a needy dog.
A cat purr.
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The Tardis.
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R2D2's bloops and beeps?
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