Help with gifts - for co-worker & sister
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Help - I need help with presents (or should I even give them?) - 1. co-worker, 2. sister!

Okay - I have been working at my current job for 1.5 years, almost. It's a small company, almost all women - interior design/high end antiques & furniture. One of them is leaving to go to school - she's been the closest person to me, although we don't hang out outside of work. She asks me for advice sometimes, and I try to give her my best - I'm about 6 years older, I think (33). She's leaving at the end of the month - is it appropriate/expected to get her something? If so, what? (Note: I've given everyone little somethings for bday/holidays here - but mainly under $20 gifts, of edible items!) If I should get her something - what should I get her? She's going to be pursuing graphic design. Thoughtful $20ish suggestions? She's very artistic and high fashion.

Other half of the question - my (half)sister is having (another) baby! We've been estranged for a while, partially due to not growing up together and differences between us (completely different upbringing that did not give her a lot of the opportunities that I had, different motivations), but I now have the opportunity to reconnect! (and have, through texts - bought some baby clothes, etc) She has no job and little income, so I am trying to help with the baby stuff - but if I do go to the hospital to visit her and the baby after her c-section, and spend some time there with her (she is afraid of being there alone) is there anything I could bring her that would make a nice care package for her, not necessarily for the baby? (Cool baby things are also welcome!)
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Here is a packing list for the hospital which might give you some ideas for your half-sister. I highly suggest visiting--she'll be there a while after a c-section and will be pretty lonely (especially if she gets crabby nurses).
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Will your co-worker be expected to draw anything? Maybe a pencil holder would be practical. I found this pretty but quirky one on Etsy. Looks like it's just something repurposed, so you might be able to find a cheaper one elsewhere.
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First question-A gift card for an art supply shop and a card with a handwritten note would be terrific. $20 is lots. She can get a lot of whatever she likes to use with that.

Second question-Treats to nibble on and something decadent to read (new bestseller, etc?) while she waits to go home with baby are good and can be disposed of/passed on when she leaves so it isn't something else to keep track of when being discharged.
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Nth a gift card for your coworker.

There is a tradition in my family that whenever somebody is in the hospital we bring the trashiest supermarket tabloids we can find. It's the only time I ever read them, and the bite sized articles with lots of pictures are great for somebody recovering or stressed.

If I was in your place I'd make a little kit for your sister. I'd put in an eye mask (that way the nurses don't wake her up when they come in every 20 minutes to check her machines), some nice smelling lotion, trashy magazines, a couple of those word search books, and lots of chocolate.
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My standard present for new mums is fancy hand cream. It is something they can enjoy without having to carve out time to enjoy it.
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For the sister-in-law having the baby--bring food! Sugary treats are fine but favorite take-out is better. After 4 days in the hospital with a c-section I basically lost it and demanded that someone go out and get me some barbeque. Post-partum nursing moms are ravenous!!
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