How do you get through mind-numbing tasks?
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I'm dealing with some boring things to do at work. I'm wondering what things you do (mentally, emotionally, procedural 'tricks', self-benefits/rewards, discipline, etc.) to get yourself through stuff you find excruciatingly boring, but necessary.

One of the reasons I enjoy doing what I'm currently doing (being a legal secretary) is that my mind is kept challenged and alert throughout most of the day by a variety of tasks.

However, I recently changed positions, and this position includes filing duties. (At my old firm, we had separate file clerks.) This task is very unexciting to me -- it involves filing paper away, creating necessary subfiles, etc.

I'm wondering how other people get through tasks they very much dislike ... what things you set yourself up with, what reward/punishment system, what things you tell yourself, and so on.

(I should note that this fortunately is not a huge part of my job, probably more a weekly-type duty -- except for right off the bat, where there will be a very large portion of "make-up" filing that my predecessor didn't accomplish.)
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Wasn't there just a thread on this about 2 weeks ago? It must not have had the word "boring" in it because the search is failing me.
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Best answer: Well you could click on the selfdiscipline tag right after your own post and find another. With a link to a third post. So yeah.
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Best answer: Indeed.
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Make a game of it. See how many you can do in an hour and then try to break that record.
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Response by poster: Ah. Thanks for the referrals, guys. Shoulda Googled/searched, I'd have saved myself my question for the week.
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I find that a couple of minutes of mindful breathing is all I need to dissipate the dread and/or tedium associated with an unpleasant task. This works before starting the task and also when I need a break.
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What teleskiving said. It also works during the task. Treat the job itself as a kind of meditation, and stay mindful to what you're doing as you do it.
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I've always found music to be the best mind occupier while doing tedious tasks. That and recreational drugs, but most employers frown on that.

I've got a pet theory that a portion of monotony comes from one's time sense. Music allows one to disconnect from one's normal time sense and quite literally makes the day fly by.
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Think of those filing jobs as mental quiet time--time to sing to yourself, make up stories in your head, philosophize, simply think about things while keeping your hands busy. Music helps.
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