Looking for tips and resources around using a SSD for a Windows XP Pro boot drive, cloned from my existing XP installation.
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Looking for tips and resources around using a SSD for a Windows XP Pro boot drive, cloned from my existing XP installation.

I've already plugged in this Kingston SSD Now V100 Series to the motherboard, and I'm already a bit concerned that I've already done something wrong, or at least not done the right thing (copying a 6GB file on that drive to itself took about 3 minutes, which seems awfully slow).

Anyway, ideally I would like to clone my existing XP Pro installation over to the SSD and boot off that. This computer is used as a HTPC and as such, I'm admittedly not entirely sure when I last updated the OS. I'm also not sure whether a "current" XP build would include all the drivers I'd need for this to work properly.

My google-fu is seemingly weak - I'm finding some guides but they seem to pertain to OCZ SSDs, and while I'd assume they would be mostly applicable to my drive, I'm just not sure.

So, I am looking for advice, tips, links to good resources, on how to 1) make sure the drive is running as fast as it should, and 2) whether I can / should clone my existing OS install over to the new drive (and change the boot order of my drives), or whether I would need to install from fresh (which I'd like to avoid if I can).

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You can use Acronis to clone your current hard disk to the new SSD and boot from it thereafter. I wouldn't be terribly concerned about the speed of copying a file from the SSD to itself. Focus on tests that give you accurate read-write numbers if you want to diagnose problems.
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Thanks. There's a ton of data drive speed test software utilities out there. any in particular I should try?
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HD Tune comes up on alot of my searches. I'd try the trial of the pro version.
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Good news, everybody - read and write speeds seem fine according to the benchmark.

Now looking for a good, free, cloning package
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I've had a lot of success using Acronis Easy Migrate for this. There's a free demo that'll clone your drive.
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Ditto the Acronis software. I've used it a couple of times. Very slick.
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Its also worth noting that XP does not support TRIM and that you can expect performance degradation over time. Some SSDs come with a cleanup utility for XP, but I'm not sure if yours is one of them.
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If you don't want to pay for Acronis you can use Ghost 4 Linux, which is just as capable, but a but less friendly.
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That speed is 66mb/s (because you are reading 6gb and writing 6gb) and that's getting close to the limit of PCI (with overhead). How old is your motherboard?
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@gjc, the mobo is a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R 775 from 2007
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You are supposed to re align the drive before formatting.

I'm pretty interested in TRIM alternatives myself, but I don't have a good one in mind right now. Other tweaks seem more about general good use of XP than specific for SSD use (turn off indexing services, well 'duh).
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