What's the best iPad app for IP cameras
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What's the best iPad app for viewing surveillance cameras?

I need to spec a system that includes some cameras (probably 8-12) that will be viewed primarily from an iPad by a non-technical user. I'm looking for a reliable, easy to use iPad app (or, I suppose, a DVR with a really spiffy web interface that works perfectly on the iPad) for IP camera viewing. Ideally it would support a wide range of camera manufacturers and protocols, but if you know of a great, polished app that only works with one brand of camera that's ok too, as long as they are of decent quality and can be used outdoors (in an enclosure if necessary.) DVR support is also nice, but I'd rather it be absent than crudely or confusingly implemented. Budget is flexible.
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Security Spy is a central camera management system that you can run on a Mac, which can talk to a ton of different IP cameras and then stream them back out to the a device running the iOS remote app installed on an iPhone or iPad.

The application itself has a bunch of other configuration options as well, such as motion detection mapping and looped recording, so it might be overkill (I've actually quoted installing these as replacement for security systems). But it does allow for the interaction with a myriad of different IP cameras, and loads all of that work onto a dedicated computer, which makes streaming to the iOS app much easier.

If you haven't already invested in the IP cameras yet, you can also look at Logitech Alert, which has a whole system solution that includes a yearly fee based remote control option for iOS devices.
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Response by poster: The ratings for Security Spy's iPad app are pretty abysmal, mrz, have you worked with it specifically? I'm reluctant to go with a solution that requires the purchase and maintenance of an entire dedicated Mac unless they're offering something really special.

I'm not so sure Logitech passes the "of decent quality" test, but maybe I'll read up a bit. They may be a tough sell just based on the consumer toy image of the brand.
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Haven't had a chance to use their iOS app, unfortunately. Their desktop solution is pretty solid however, I guess their app has fallen down.

Total Control also makes an App, but their website is kind of hideous.
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RealityVision has what you need and does it nicely. It is built for far more than that though, and probably costs a server and a (government sized)bundle of money. Now if their sales department would get on board with people like you they would be finally selling their product like hot cakes.
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