Spanish class for 6 year old?
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FtWorth filter: Where can I find a spanish class for my 6 year old? We are not Spanish speakers, so I cannot teach her myself
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What part of town are you in?

Perhaps a local church offers the lessons? Most of the time it's the other way around- English classes for Spanish speakers, but I seem to remember at least one program that taught Spanish. I'll check around a little and see if I can find anything.

My Spanish is limited to stuff from high school in the '70s, but seems effective enough when ordering from taco trucks. ;- )
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6 is a great age to learn another language, as she will not yet have set upon an accent, probably. Be aware, though, that if she doesn't see a reason to use the language, she probably won't bother to try picking it up. I would suggest you try to find a parent-child class where both of you learn along together. Or find her some 1st generation folks that she can start to hear the real deal from. The brain is a very weird thing, especially when it comes to developmental linguistics.
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This is really not a PC response at all, but it's absolutely for real--the facts on the ground spin on Gilbert's mention of "1st generation folks." I come from a place that is, shall we say, not unlike Fort Worth. I learned to speak Spanish (fluently) from my family's housekeeper. (Not, it is important to note, by taking time from her work. I mean things like "María, Mama dice...que el turkey que está en el Tupperware para usted." Watching Sábado Gigante with her while she ironed.) Many non-Latino Southwesterners deny having learned this way and many of them are totally lying!

If you do not have a housekeeper, or you don't think s/he would genuinely enjoy chatting with your daughter in exchange for a raise and some favors in return, why not hire a Spanish-speaking babysitter? It doesn't have to be a formal class at this age. Better yet, and I'm absolutely not joking, hire someone's grandma, who is sweet and friendly and doesn't speak English.
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