Inexpensive/safe hotels in Wash DC?
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Washington DC hotel recommendations?

Going to be in Wash DC in a few months, and looking for an inexpensive hotel (preferably <$150/night). Will be attending a conference, so hotels close to the convention center would be a plus although I'm not sure if there are any cheap enough in that area. Alternatively, a hotel within walking distance of a metro station would also work, as long as it's in a safe neighborhood (safe enough for a small, vulnerable-looking lady to walk between metro and hotel at night). I don't know DC very well, so am trying to avoid scary parts of the city!

Thanks everyone!
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I stayed at the William Lewis House while I was in DC last spring, and it was fantastic. Two nights in a two-person room for $295 total -- the best price I could find in the city limits, and about a ten minute walk from the train. Not to mention much more pleasant than the chain hotels up in Silver Spring that were my alternative.

I am a lady, and I did not find the area to be particularly sketchy, particularly if I used the Dupont Circle metro station at night.
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The Red Roof Inn is close to downtown and from what I hear, pretty reasonable.
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Our go-to when we want to do a "vacation in the city" is one of the Kimpton hotels. Not cheap, but they do run some good deals.

If cheap is your #1 priority I'd suggest something across the river in Crystal City, VA. Not much charm to speak of, but the Metro is right there and if you catch a Yellow Line train you wouldn't even have to change trains to get to the convention center.
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If you're looking for something a little different, I highly recommend the Mt. Vernon Square Bed and Breakfast. It's just a couple of blocks away from the convention center. And it's beautiful and I want to live there.

The neighborhood gets a little sketchy if you go a few blocks up (not dangerous, but enough to make someone unfamiliar a little nervous) but the blocks to the convention center are well lit and safe.

I live a block away from the convention center - hope you enjoy your visit!
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I don't know the cost because my dad set it up for us with points (but that suggests it's reasonable), but my boy-thing and I stayed at the Residence Inn on Vermont for a week last summer on vacation in the city. It was nice without being fancy, and right near the Dupont Circle metro stop. We were out in the middle of the night at least one night there and felt safe coming home.

(Also, we saw all the monuments and memorials late at night instead of during the day, which I highly recommend - we would never have thought of it if we hadn't been roaming around with our DC-dwelling buddy. Sitting on the Lincoln Memorial steps at night, looking out across the Mall - awesome.)

(Also also, did you know they let you touch the Washington Monument?!?! I'm still amazed by this. I put my face on it!)

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Single-occupancy rooms at the Tabard Inn in Dupont Circle are less than $150 if you're willing to share a bathroom, somewhat over $150 if you want a private bath. The area is safe, pretty, and close to everything DC has to offer. It's a short Metro ride to Chinatown, which is a few minutes on foot from the DC convention center.
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I stayed at the Days Inn on Connecticut Ave in March and was impressed - like most stuff in DC the pricing depends on the season - I made reservations in Jan/Feb and paid $150 for a night at the beginning of Cherry Blossom season, looks like rooms for now are cheaper - it's a block from the Van Ness Metro station, clean, newly renovated, and seemed perfectly safe to me.
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Joan mentioned Crystal City. The stereotypical place there to save a few bucks is the Americana. It's a perfectly fine low-cost hotel; when my wife and I lived down the street that's where my in-laws would stay (and their threshold for skeeve is wayyyyy lower than mine :). It's close to the blue/yellow line metro, both of which go into the city very quickly, the yellow going straight up to the convention center metro stop itself.
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I stayed at the Inn At Dupont Circle (South) a few years ago. It's less than a block to the Metro, and I felt quite safe there as a solo female traveler. I'm not familiar with their other two properties, but I was very pleased with the one I used.
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Seconding Kimpton Hotels. Some Kimpton's have complimentary wine happy hours in the evening, and I believe that the Rouge has a complimentary Bloody Mary bar in the mornings.
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Seconding The Days Inn. My daughter went to American University and when I visited that was where I stayed. My mother who has limited walking stamina had no problem with the walk to the Metro station. Several modest restaurants close by also.
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I had to double-take at phearlez's post; my wife could have made that post almost word-for-word (it was my folks who stayed at the Americana visiting us.) So, second that recommendation.
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I'm in the middle of looking at DC hotels right now myself, and one of the resources I found in an old AskMe are the Better Bidding forums. They've got a lot of information in their DC subforum about using Priceline and Hotwire to book rooms, under $150/night is very easy in the Convention Center area for a 3- or 4-star property.
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Thirding Klimpton hotels. Really wonderful.

Also, do you know about snique away? Membership is free. They have a sale today, for the next 6 hours, on The Madison in DC, which is a lovely hotel and in a prime location. Price looks right about $149/night. May be worth checking out.
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