Name for error resulting from GPS sampling on curves?
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Is there a proper name for errors in distance calculated by GPS logs resulting from a curving path not receiving enough samples to define it and thus being shortened?

I do a lot of mountain biking and have taken to using a GPS to log my distance. Typically I use a 1 second sample rate, but I find that some tight, fast, curvy parts of trails don't seem to be logged because two subsequent samples occur just before and after a curve, smoothing it out.

Is there a proper term for this sort of error? I've been referring to it as a "chording error" because it results in the distance measurement being taken based on a rather substantial chord of the curve.

(Please note, I understand that there will always be some amount of chording on curves simply because GPS-based measurement is done via discrete samples. I'm just trying to better understand the issue and the terms used to describe it.)
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Would the term possibly be 'aliasing' instead?
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You could say that the error results from linear interpolation. When perhaps you should be doing a spline interpolation?
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I'd definitely say it's aliasing. This is a basically a problem of undersampling, and aliasing is what happens when you don't sample data at a high enough rate.
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Thanks, RobotNinja. That definitely sounds like it.
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lol...this is exactly how fractals were discovered!...Benoit Mandelbrot noticed the vast discrepancies between the measurements of the english coastline from various atlases. basically, the shorter your ruler, the longer your measurement. (get down to the level where you are measuring around pebbles and it becomes almost infinitely long...) I would call it "coastal paradox"
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Amongst runners (in my group at least) it's "corner cutting".
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If you want to sound all fancy when complaining about this problem you can mention that you should have obeyed the Nyquist Criterion.
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