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What DOS war game was I playing?

I can't keep searching Google, I need to know the name of this game I used to play. It is not Risk, Isles of War, or Empire Deluxe.

I remember it being Risk-like. It had crappy graphics and sound, and I was playing it in the early '90s. The USSR was divided into two countries, Eastern USSR and Western USSR. When the game ended (with total domination of one player over another, including the option for surrender), Mozart played (in crappy beeps).

That is all I can remember offhand. Can anyone get me the name of the game?
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Total stab in the dark as I don't remember any victory music and it's a bit older, but maybe Lords of Conquest?
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What war era did it represent? (eg. Cold War, Roman, etc)
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"Balance of Power"?? Gallery

"Naturally a nuclear war was not the goal of the game. In Balance of Power, you were either the President of the United States or the General Secretary of the USSR. Your “term” in office was 8 years: 1989 - 1997. Your goal was to maximize your country’s power and prestige in the world while avoiding nuclear destruction.

To that end, you created a complete foreign policy that dealt with 62 different countries and their relationship with your country and your opponent. The computer took each policy you tried to implement and then reacted accordingly in a manner that would increase its “prestige.” For example, if you were playing the United States and did something silly like invade Iraq, the computer as the Soviet Union would recognize that you were meddling in its sphere of influence and protest — sometimes with ICBMs."
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Any of those?
World Empire I in particular?
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World Empire

You can play it online here.
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Whoops. rom1 beat me to it.
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It's totally World Empire… Thanks!!!
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